Varied high quality training to build Flexibility, Endurance and Strength

TRI Services

We provide a varied high quality group training to build flexibility, endurance and strength. This type of training improves everyday activities and helps you perform better at sports in general.

Functional training focuses on movement rather than isolation of specific muscles. This helps with posture, fat burning and muscle tone. Moreover, functional training is essential for sport specific conditioning, whether your sport is basketball, running, swimming or cycling.

Please look at our schedule to see when are our classes held.

Functional Group


Wattbike Cycling Sessions

At TRI Fitness instead of the run of the mill spin cycles we use Wattbikes. Wattbikes are professional level indoor cycling machines where professional cyclists use to train to improve their performance. Spin cycles are unable to replicate the realistic training experience that a Wattbike can deliver.

Our Wattbikes can give the user feedback on how to improve their   cycling efficiency.

In addition, we have hooked up our Wattbikes to our computer gaming system with Zwift installed allowing an immersive training session.

Lastly, if you want to train on your own bike you can! We offer bike trainers and we can

hook it up to our computers.

We offer two types of Wattbike Cycling sessions:

Wattbike Classes

We offer small group classes of up to 6 people where clients can train as a small group or even compete through the internet with other people on the internet. Please look at our schedule to see when are our classes held then use our booking system to reserve your place.

Solo Wattbike rides

We offer our clients to come up to our premises at a time of their choosing. Use our booking system to book your place.

Get a tailor made training session with our professional personal trainers.

We tailor make a training program for our clients to achieve their fitness goal whether it be to lose weight, gain muscle or to bring their performance to the next level.

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Our physiotherapist participates actively in sports and understands the needs of the athlete. We offer post-operative and post-injury rehabilitation of sports injuries and help athletes to return to their sport safely and in the fastest possible time.



Friday BikeFit @ TRI Fitness 

A proper bike fit is essential for optimal performance, efficiency, injury prevention and comfort on the bike, and will provide a rider with the most economic means of expending energy. We also provide a pre-purchase fitting service to determine the correct size bike.

Lead Bike Fitter - WINSTON TAM

Winston Tam has taught multiple fit protocols to bike fitters around the world and is considered to be the lead bike fitting consultant in Asia. He is IBFI Level 4 certified. He has worked with top-level professional cycling teams and triathletes. Prior to opening Friday BikeFit, Winston was a top level bike racer for over 15 years in Canada and is a certified personal Trainer and a nutrition specialist. To match the wealth of experience we employ the latest bike fitting technology and equipment from Retul, Guru, Gebiomized, VelogicFit, Motionlogic and Bioracer.