We Aimed To Enhance Your Performance

We are a fitness studio conveniently located in Quarry Bay. TRI Fitness specializes in providing high quality training for endurance sports and triathlons. 

We employ techniques that reduce the time needed to improve your performance for your next event whether it be swimming, running or cycling or even your next triathlon.

TRI Trainers

Lawrence Wong

Fitness Director

Lawrence has over 10 years’ worth of personal training experience. Being a well-known active competitor in Hong Kong’s running and triathlon circuits he has built up a client base including movie stars and professional basketball teams. If you aim is to take your fitness to the next level, Lawrence is your man.

Colman Chan

Elite Trainer

After transforming his own body from being overweight to a lean machine, Colman has spent many years helping clients lose weight and build muscle. If your aim is to lose weight and live a healthy lifestyle, go ahead and contact Colman.

Kit Choy

Fitness Manager

As a competitive body builder Kit’s specialty is helping clients build muscle. Kit’s positive personality motivates clients to be the best version of themselves. If you want to get ripped then Kit is your man.